We would really appreciate any help or time that villagers could offer in order to progress the Clophill Neighbourhood Plan. Your support and involvement is so vital in ensuring this is a plan shaped by our community, for the future of Clophill.

The plan will help structure the growth and needs of the village for the next 25 years and as we are currently without a Local Plan at Central Bedfordshire Council level this is our only defence against large scale development.

In particular, we need help researching, writing and providing constructive feedback/ ideas on 7 key themes: 

1) Potential Development 
2) Residential Development 

3) Environment
4) Local Heritage 
5) Community Life (leisure, recreation and support)
6) Business & Employment
7) Transport & Movement

Please get involved - email clophillneighbourhoodplan@gmail.com or speak to one of the Clophill Parish Councillors.

12:36, 12 Jan 2017 by Terry Lee